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Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection Requirements

NFPA 10 requires a variety of fire extinguisher inspections, depending on the type of fire extinguishers your business needs. Most businesses elect to have a qualified fire safety company inspect, service and maintain their fire extinguishers regularly to ensure their company remains compliant with NFPA’s portable fire extinguisher requirements. 


B & E Fire Safety Equipment, Inc., specializes in fire extinguisher inspection services. We attract and retain many of our clients through consistent, reliable inspections; keeping their companies NFPA compliant, and providing peace-of-mind to focus on their business.

Federal fire extinguisher inspection requirements, as outlined in NFPA 10:

  • monthly visual inspections

  • annual extinguisher inspections and maintenance by a certified professional

  • six-year maintenance inspections (similar to annual requirements)

  • five-year and 12-year hydro-static materials inspections

Monthly Inspections

Monthly inspections ensure the extinguisher is undamaged, the hose is clear of debris, the safety seal is unbroken and the operating instructions are legible. They also include a check of the pressure gauge to verify the device is fully charged.

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections include an examination of mechanical components, the fire-suppression agent and the extinguisher’s delivery system. This means annual inspections must be completed and certified by a professional. Annual inspections must be recorded on the fire extinguisher tag, including the inspection date and the inspector's initials.

Six-Year Inspections

Stored-pressure fire extinguishers are emptied of contents during six-year extinguisher inspections. A certified fire safety professional will examine the mechanics, outlet hose and delivery system. After ensuring all components are in working order, the extinguisher is refilled, re-pressurized and marked with a tamper-resistant seal.

Six-year inspections must be recorded on the hanging inspection tag, as well as the metallic label attached to the extinguisher, and must include the month, date, the inspector's name and company.

Hydro-static Inspections

  • 5-year inspections are required for all pressurized water, carbon dioxide and wet-chemical extinguishers

  • 12-year inspections are required for dry-chemical extinguishers

Hydro-static inspections are recorded on the hanging inspection tag, as well as the metal tag attached to the extinguisher’s cylinder. Inspectors are required to record the date, their name and company, the extinguisher's pressure level, and the extinguishing agent used.

We also provide fire suppression inspections for restaurant kitchens, food trucks and paint booth fire suppression systems.

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