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Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen, Paint Booth & Food Truck Fire Suppression Systems

B & E Fire Safety Equipment offers custom-designed fire suppression systems, as well as pre-engineered systems, for restaurant kitchens, food trucks and paint booths. We’ll work closely with you to design and install an effective automatic fire suppression system to suit your business needs.

Properly maintained kitchen fire suppression systems are effective in extinguishing a fire 96% of the time. However, according to NFPA research, 44% of fire suppression system failures were due to lack of maintenance.

To ensure your business doesn’t become another costly statistic, we’ll perform regularly scheduled fire suppression system maintenance, as mandated by NFPA. Florida law also requires semi-annual inspections and maintenance of fire suppression systems.

B & E Fire Safety is an authorized distributor for Protex II Fire Suppression System and Pyro-Chem Fire Suppression Systems. We’re also able to service other quality fire suppression system brands such as Amerex, Ansul, Buckeye, Kiddie, Badger and Range Guard. Safeguarding our clients across Central Florida using the best fire equipment available is a no-brainer for us at B & E Fire Safety.

If your restaurant kitchen, food truck or paint booth already has a suppression system installed, and you’re looking for fire suppression inspections, maintenance or repairs, give us a call today! Your safety is important to us.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems


We design, install and maintain restaurant & commercial kitchen fire suppression systems that will prevent and extinguish restaurant fires in commercial cooking environments.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems


​Paint booth fires are often sudden and burn extremely hot. From automated fire suppression systems to High-Flow fire extinguishers, we'll make sure your paint booth meets local fire code standards.

Food Truck Fire Suppression Systems


Because 57% of food service business fires involve cooking equipment, most municipalities require this equipment to be installed. We design custom systems to fit your food truck's needs.


Did You Know?

96% of the time, properly maintained kitchen fire suppression systems are effective in extinguishing a fire.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Given an 18% increase in commercial kitchen fires over 10 years (2007 - 2016), proper installation, inspection and maintenance of your kitchen fire suppression system is crucial. B & E Fire Safety Equipment, Inc. ensures your custom, or pre-engineered, fire suppression system is tested and ready to go when we turn it over to you. We train your employees to understand the proper operation and maintenance requirements to keep your fire suppression system in optimal operating condition.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installations:

  • Custom-designed or pre-engineered commercial kitchen fire suppression system installation

  • Detailed consultation

  • Engineering services

  • Design and CAD drawings

  • Plans, permits, and approvals

  • On-site coordination and installation

  • Testing and final inspection

Kitchen Suppression

Kitchen Suppression System Inspections:

  • Test and clean all detectors

  • Verify cylinder pressures and weights

  • Test the remote pull station

  • Verify electric and gas shuts off when the system is activated

  • Replace fusible links and center link housings

  • Internal inspection of non-pressurized tanks for corrosion.

  • Examine cylinders to record and verify the hydro test date

  • Examine the regulator to record and verify the test dates

  • Simulate system discharge and test releasing circuits

  • Remove and clean nozzles to ensure they are not clogged and replace nozzle caps

  • Test electrical interlocks (electric shut-offs and fan interlock requirements vary by local AHJs)

  • Prepare comprehensive report of system condition

  • Document any discrepancies and need for repairs

  • Verify distributor emergency contact information is on system

  • Inspection and service tag properly completed and attached to system


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Fire Suppression System

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Food Truck Fire Suppression Systems


No matter the size of your food truck, installing and maintaining a fire suppression system is a must to protect your employees and valuable equipment.

Some locations across the country are beginning to deny food truck licenses to those who do not have an advanced fire suppression system installed.

Once a food truck fire suppression system is installed in your food truck, proper regular inspections and maintenance of your fire suppression system are necessary.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems


Spray areas, which include any associated exhaust plenums and exhaust duct work, particulate filters, solvent concentrator units, recirculation air supply units, and mixing rooms, shall be protected with an approved automatic fire protection system (NFPA 33).

B & E Fire Safety uses Pyro-Chem Monarch Industrial Dry Chemical Open Face System for our paint booth fire suppression installations. It provides a highly reliable response with the versatility of automatic or manual activation.

Paint Booth Food Truck

Brands We Service & Sell

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